Professed Brother Yon
von Metzger
Yon Von Metzger was only a 12
years old when the Holy Roman
Emperor Fredrick Barbarossa drowned
in the Calycadnus River in Cilicia. Yon
Von spent much of
his youth in the Black Forest of
Germany among the peasantry and in
the wild.

At the age of 15 Yon Von was part of
an ambushing party that helped
Leopold of Austria in capturing Richard
the Lionheart and giving him as
ransom to Frederick's son King Henry
VI. Knowing that the Plantagenet King
knew his name
and would be released from Prison
upon the payment of Ransom. Yon
Von thought it better to not stay in
Germany or Austria but to go where
the King would not find him with his
Thus Yon Von traveled to the city of
Constantinople where he gained the
title of "Metzger" The Butcher. This title
given to him by the Turks of Anatolia
for his help with the Outremer knights
in the many battles of the eastern
Byzantium border.

During this time Yon Von is hired by
the Knights Hospitaller as a Turcopoler
to help protect pilgrims within the Holy

In the year 1202 Yon Von travels to
Caid to propose helping Pope Innocent
raise money for the Fourth Crusade.
There he meets many members of
Clan Gryphon and becomes a
Freemen of the Clan. His battle
prowess helps to
defend the southern border of
Caidfrom the forces of Atdenvelt at
Potero Pass each spring and fall.

During this Time Yon Von and fellow
Gryphons stood the gate at Potero
and faced the Devils of the Sun
Kingdom of Atdenvelt. Yon Von
defeated a giant of a man and took the
warriors sword as a token of victory.
Since that time the sword has grown in
reputation as a
reaper of men, and Yon Von as the
wielder...the Butcher.

In 1205 Yon Von was inducted as a
Lay member of the Hospitallers and
given the Command of the Turcopoles
in the Kingdom of Caid. Together with
members of the Holy Order they form
up at the Great Western Battle of the
Mound and
defend the King of Caid.

Yon Von, along with many of his
brothers and sisters in the Hospitallers
joined the Queen's Guard of Chamayn
and were tested in battle by the
Knights of Chivalry at the Queen's
Champion tourney. In all three Battles
Yon Von was one of the last of the
Guard to fall to the knights. It was
during this Tournament that Yon Von
was given the Corre de du Guerre by
Their Majesties Dirk and Chamayn.

Yon Von traveled into the heart of the
Kingdom of Atenvelt with the rest of the
Hospitallers to lead the Turcopolers in
battle at Estrella in 1206. There he
and the other Hospitallers received the
Cross Swords of Caid. Yon Von was
also made a Lieutenant of her
Majesties guard.

Yon Von took the great leap into the
realm of chivalry and became the
Squire of the Grand Master of the
Hospitallers Duke Christian du Glaive.

At Potrero war the Turcopolier had the
privledge of leading  his men against
the forces that stood against the King
of Caid. He awaits, along with his
brethren, the call of the king.

In the riegin of Edward and Mora Yon
sits as Grand Master of the Order on
the last months of that term. He has
held the Order together during difficult
times and is a good leader. He also
acts as Queen guard to Mora

Hearing a call to the north Yon
traveled to the great desert of Dun Or,
“A true valley of Kings”. There Yon
trained with some of Caids noblest
warriors and past kings in the
scorching heat of the mid day sun. Yon
wanted to be more than a warrior
though. He wanted to be able to help
the people of the land he travels to. So
Yon under went training to become a
Chirurgeon(EMT) of the realm. Upon
completion of his chirurgeon’s training,
Yon once again heard the Sirens
calling to him… Yon knowing that he
could not leave the main land still
holding the position of Grand Master of
the Hospitallers of Caid, Yon turned
over the reign as Grand Master to The
Honorable Lord Methius Le Vaux.
Methius finished Yon’s last few
remaining months as Grand Master
until it was voted that the new Grand
Master should be Lord Urbano
Lorenzo Gutierrez de Garza. After the
Grand Master had been decided Yon
Set off on his voyage to the far
Western Seas, to an island Known as
the Valley Azure.  There, Yon Plans on
taking all of his skills and further them
with the inherent wisdom and
knowledge of the local warriors and
people of the island.
While on the Island,  Yon Von was
blessed to be able to sit upon the
Baornial Throne and help guide the
people of the Western Seas.
Yon Vons Ancestral
... So there I was ... the last man standing ... upon a pile
of  corpses, covered in the blood of my enemy's. "Sword"
impaled in a torso beside me still dripping blood as if the
metal was bleeding itself. I pull the blade out and throw
my arms open and cry out " ARE THERE NO MORE?"  
Then slowly in the horizon a darkness spreads across
the land, as it gets closer I can hear the unmistakable
clinking of armor, blood thirsty howls, and thunderous
footsteps of every unworthy warrior that seeks to
claim fame by defeating ... Yon Von Metzger.... The
Greatest Great Sword's Man... Ever.
I charge down the mountain of corpse's in leaps and
bounds to expedite there death! Sword sinks deep into
their armor and easily cleaved through there flesh... they
could not step up fast enough for one of my blows would
take a thousand men in one swath of destruction flinging
bodies aside like they were nothing more than a gentle
breeze. Surging forward with every swing I was making
new mountains of men and new rivers of blood. After the
tide of unworthy had ceased once more.  I sat under a
large oak and looked into the horizon once more to wait
for the next tide,  but it did not come, only the warm glow
of the rising sun. As the light hit the new mountains of
men it slowly transformed it into dense forests and rolling
hills, the carnage now healing, he dark rivers now
clearing... I stand alone on the peak and look down at
what I have created and realize, I have no Equal...  
The Rite to be Right

Along night of liberal libations and actions not so clear. A
story was told of a young viking and a not so pious Fryer
becoming the best of grog induced chums.  One cold
night around the camp fire, the Vusolarian over heard a
tall red haired viking speak of a tale that seemed rather
familiar yet not quite the way he remembered it. Until a
rather stout goat ugly barbarian from the black forest of
Germany stood and boldly declared that he was at that
revel and remembered such an incident.  The young
viking and the barbarian  stood toe to toe and yelled
screamed and shouted the truths of the night... That is,
the truth how they remembered it. After months of debate,
and many revels past. The the tall red haired Viking was
once again around the camp fire, when the goat ugly
barbarian jested of the incident. This infuriated the young
viking and the tall red haired viking suggested a
challenge, to see who was telling the truth. The victor
would be right and the loser would not argue the facts...
The young viking saw that as a opportunity to quiet the
baying billy goat mouth of the barbarian and the challenge
was issued. The young viking Challenged the slightly
older German barbarian known as the Butcher.  Even with
a title as such the stalwart Vusolarian Warrior from the
north was not intimidated by the size or skill of the
German.  The Butcher chose to accept the duel and was
awarded the privilege of selecting the weapons of the
duel. The butcher chose his weapon of choice, the great
sword.  The Vusolarian nodded in acceptance.  The two
warriors took the battle field and stood there ground. The
wind shifted and both warriors reacted simultaneously.
The concussion of the initial impact was so thunderous it
could be heard for miles around. They followed the impact
with a flurry of blows each one confident in there skill at
arms. Parrying, dodging and trying to traverse the uneven
ground, the two warriors were relentless. Both determined
and confident that they could best the other for what
seemed like an eternity and with an inhuman endurance,
the two young warriors fought, until a single non lethal
blow was landed to end the duel... The young Vusolarian,
had been beaten.  But in the end the Butcher was
impressed by the tenacity of the young viking and his skill,
and decided he didn't care who was right or wrong. The
Butcher extended his arm in friendship. The warriors
shook hands, donned there cappas of the Hospitaller took
to the field of war to quell the tide of infidel horde. ... every
now and then the Butcher still reminds the young viking...
But who cares if a viking makes out with a paunchy swill
bloated fryer.
Not so Insperational words....

So i can remember there are people like this that doubt
us, and how we need to excel to be better.. and not let
words like this shake our commitment to what we do.... a
quotation from an email partaining to the HoC menbers
fighting in a tournament...

"..On a totally irreverent note.  There is only one winner
for the day, it's probably not going to be you.  Usually
the winner is a fighter of great renown and prowess.  
Think of how far you got on the last tournament, Do you
expect to have a reasonable chance at winning?  NO,
Well then, unless all the knights go to the same
restaurant and end up in the hospital, chances are you
probably are going to end up out in the same round as
the last 5 tournaments you fought in.  So, the excuse for
not fighting in Crown because you may win is out the
window.  Some of you may have heard me said
something like that before."

- Anonymous