Brother Urbano Lorenzo  Gutierrez de Garza
For five years the Brothers Garza and Rorik of Summergate
helped protect the Boundaries of Calafia and Caid along side the
warriors of Clan Gryphon. When the Gryphon's moved to make
the Order of St. John, the Brothers Garza did not forget their
friends and still fought along side them. It was the reign of Eadric
and Faizah when the King and Queen came to the camp of the
Hospitallers that the Brothers Garza, along with Cormac and
Rorik bent knee to the Order and the Crown.

Urbano under the reigns of Drogo and Ithuna,  and Eadric V and
Faizeh II, Holds the position of Turcopolier within the Order.

Upon the reign of Ed and Mora, Urbano became the 4th Grand
Master of the Hospitallers of St. John of Caid. Also during that
reign he was taken as a Squire to Sir Eian Edwardsson at Great
Western War and recieved the Golden Trident at the
Summergate Long Sword GreatSword Tournament.