Born in the shadows of what would
come to be Kilkenny Castle, I was born
in the year of our Lord, 1172.  The
child of a stonemason and militiaman, I
learned basics of masonry from my
father and found that I had no liking to
my “calling”.  My father Geoffrey O’
shea, realized my desire for something
else and started to teach me what he
knew of fighting.  The competitive
streak in me was fueled with the ability
to best my abilities against others in
the militia.  With the castle close to
completion in 1189, King Richard the
Lionhearted swore his oath the cross
and I agreed to undertake with the 3rd

Eager to prove my worth on the
battlefield, I joined with the armies
heading to the crusades.  In the
following year, I met Sir Halfdan
Harroldson, a Varangian Guardsman
who took up sword for the crusade.  
Finding a truly honorable man to teach
him the ways of combat was an
enlightening thing for me, but to find a
man to teach me the ways of Honor,
Chivalry, and what it took to be a true
knight was what I had truly been
searching.  Shortly after landing in the
Holy Land at  Acre, I was given word of
urgency to return home to family and
was forced to leave the Holy Land.

After taking care of the family at home,
I embarked back to join my brothers on
the field in the Crusade.  Having
landing back in Acre, I found that my
knight and squire brothers, some new
and yet met, had sworn an oath to the
cross of the Hospitallers of St. John of
Caid.  Wary at first of entrusting my
oath to the cause, I took to the first
battle entrenched in the ranks of my
knight and squire brothers on the field,
surrounded by the Brotherhood of
Hospitallers of St. John of Caid.  The
fever of the battle and trust of the
brothers invigorated my blood on the
battlefield.  That night I took my knee
and swore an oath to the Hospitallers.  
I am truly proud to bear my cross.

In my years of service to the Kingdom,
I have served a number of years as
Baronial and Deputy Kingdom
Constable, earning me the awards of
Golden Trident and Dolphin of Caid.  
With the help of several ladies of the
Barony, I also earned my Golden
thimble and am proud to wear the
clothes I have made.
Lord Tiarnan ui'Shea