Members in Attendance
THL Methius Vaux
Lord Daniel Von Revensfueld
Lord Thorfinn Voosular
Rayhan Talib Nasir al Din
Urbano Lorenzo Gutierrez de Garza

Lord Cormac O'Duin
Lord Duncan Rose

The Northern Territory of Calafia is
known as the Canton of Summergate.
There Lord Daniel resides and asked
his brethren to come support his lands
in their annual tournament.

Lord Cormac won the day, defeating
all Rapier fighters, then defeating
Duke Guillaume in a Boffer battle. He
crowned Sybina the May Queen.

The Hospitallers also helped Lord
Duncan celebrate his 17th Birthday.
Urbano getting ready for the fighting
Urbano giving Lord Duncan some Birthday love.
THL Methius verses Roland, Squire of Duke Guillaume
Nasir verses Raphael of Silveroak
Lord Thorfinn Verses Lord Guy Rand
Members in Attendance
Sir Halfdan Haroldson
THL Methius Vaux
Urbano Garza
Lord Duncan Rose
SummerGate Anniversary