St. Jude Ransom Tournament
Members in Attendance
Sir Halfdan Haroldsson
Sir Njal Grimsson-Gonfanier
THL Methius Vaux- GrandMaster
Herr Yon Von Metzger- Turcapolier
Lord Thorfinn Voosular-Chaplain
Lord Murchadh Garrioch-Castellian
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready
Lady Roisin O'Cathasaith
Lord Einar Trygviisson
Rayhan Talib Nasir al Din

March 18th, the Hospitallers of St.
John of Caid along with the Ransom
Guild and members of the Barony held
a Tournament at Allied Gardens that
raised money for the Barony of Calafia
and the Hospitals of St. Jude.

Fun was had by all, the tournament
was a success gaining over 600
dollars for the two orginizations.
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
Lord Thorfinn and Lord Gunther do battle to gain renown for the
Children of St. Jude
Sir Njal and Herr Yon taking care of the
food for the day
Lord Duncan Rose does battle with Sir Vlad the Indiffrent
Lord Thorfinn Voosular
Lord Thorfinn battles Sir Valrik
Lord Thorfinn battles Nasir
THL Methius Vaux
Lord Einar with his Knight Sir Halfdan