Spring Crown 2006
O! ye knights of England, where is the custom
and usage of noble chivalry? What do ye now?
but go to the bains to play dice. Leave this, leave
it and read the noble volumes of St. Graal, of
Lancelot, of Tristrem, of Galod, of Perceval, of
Perceforest, of Gaw-ayn and many more; there
shall ye see manhood, courtesy and gentilness.
William Caxton. Book of the Order of Chavalry or Knighthood
Spring Crown 06

Members in Attendence
Duke Christian du Glaive- Grand Master
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
THL Snorri Bjornsson
THL Methius Vaux- Gonfanier
Lord Yon Von Metzger
Lord Daniel von Ravensfueld
Karsten Ferdinand
Roisin O'Cathasagh

Friends and Allies
Gunther the Ever Ready
Marites Aquino d'Caballero

The Hosptitallers of St. John traveled north
to the Crown Tourney of King Dirk and
Queen Chamayn. Lord Daniel, Lord Yon
Von, THL Snorri and THL Methius fought in
the list of the day.
All were whitness to Sir Sven Orfhendur
winning the day for his consort Sir Kolfinna
Karsten and Roisin were awarded their
Awards of Arms and THL Methius was
gifted the Legion of Courtesy.
Hospitallers Lord Daniel, THL Methius, Lady Karsten, Sir
Halfdan, Lady Roisin, Lord Yon, Duke Chirstian, Thess and
Lord Gunther
THL Snorri
Bjornsson and Lord
Yon Von Metzger,
squires of Duke
Christian du Glaive
King Dirk V and Queen Chamayn II
THL Methius and Lord Yon
Lady Roison and Lady Karsten
Lady Karsten Ferdinand
Lord Yon Von Metzger
Lord Yon Von Metzger and his
consort Mistress Flavia
THL Methius Vaux verses Sir Gaston
Lady Roisin, Lady Karsten, Her
Majesty Chamayn and Lady Caroline
THL Snorri, Lord Yon and Lord
Her Excellency Adelicia of
Cathness, Baroness of Calafia,
consort of THL Methius
Duke Christian du Glaive and
Marites Aquino d'Caballero
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
THL Snorri verses Sir Sven
THL Methius verses Sir Gaston
THL Snorri verses Sir Patrick
Duke Christian with his squires
THL Snorri and Lord Yon
THL Snorri verses King Sven of
An Tir
King Dirk V and Sir
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