Fall Potrero War 07
-You enhance this game we play.
Don Lot Ramirez
Members in Attendance
Herr Yon von Metzger- Grandmaster
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
THL Methius Vaux- Chaplain
Lord Urbano Lorenzo Gutierrez de
Garza- Turcopolier
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready-
Sergeant of the Watch
Lord Murchadh Garrioch- Castellian
Lady Roisin O'Cathasaigh
Lord Einar Trygviisson
Lord Cormac O'Dunn
Lady Sabyna of Adon
Chistoval Urraca Rosalia de Garza
Erasmus Willicus

With temperatures reaching 109
degrees, the Hospitallers marched
into the Potrero Lands to practice
the art of war.  Lord Murchadh
carried the Honor shield into battle
on Saturday, with Lady Roisin the
honor of carrying the Gonfannon
was given.
In the Evening the Hospitallers
welcomed their first Professed
Brother in Murchadh Garrioch. Many
great words were said to our
Brother, for it is a hard road to travel
and he does so quite well.

Sunday morning Chistivaol Garza
was given the Honor of Carring the
Relic Shield of Sir Alisander.
At the Closing court Lord Murchadh
was awarded the Order of the
Trident of Calafia as well as the
Order of the Dolphin. THL Methius
was awarded the Serpent's Talon of
Calafia. Sabyna and Urbano were
both Awarded the Award of Arms.

The Hospitallers would like to
express their graditude to all that
made th war possible. A special
thanks to the non combatants within
our own camp that whent above the
call to Marshall, Water Bearer and
Volunteer throughout the War.

Thanks to the House of the Slippery
Slope for feeding us poor Crusaders
in the morning hours.
Thanks to the Black Bard for his
songs and stories, you are always
welcome with out walls.

Great thanks to Don Lot Ramirez, a
Champion unlike no other. Your
words were as precious as gold to
our ears.
The Hospitallers march through the inferno to the battlefield
The Gonfannon leads the warriors of the Cross
The Hospitallers and the Orkneys Stand ready
Cormac, Murchadh, Gunther and Erasmus