Membership Information
The Hospitallers of Caid is more than just a WAR
BAND.  It is also a group of FRIENDS, a FAMILY, and
a Commitment of RESPECT to those who have gone
before us.

We are happy to entertain new members at any
time.  Potential Members are not "Prospects" as
they are in some group, nor do they have to
undergo some sort of initiation right.  However,
Prospective Members do have to ask themselves
some serious questions.

Can I commit to a group who will expect a code of
behaviour which may effect my actions both on or
off the field?

Can I participate in Actions and Ceremonies which
may have the religious aspects of the Order as it
was during the Crusades in a respectful manner
regardless of personal religious beliefs?

Can I participate in a group with a commitment to
the brotherhood and enjoyment of all.

If you have answered YES to these questions, you
should read "THE CODEX" and then contact us at