May Potrero
War 2006
May Potrero War 06

Members in Attendence
Duke Christian du Glaive- Grand
Sir Njal Grimsson
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
THL Methius Vaux, Gonfanier
THL Snorri Bjornsson (Acting
Turcopolier Sunday)
Lord Daniel von Ravensfueld
Lord Murchadh Garrioch-
Castellian, acting Chaplain
Herr Yon Von Metzger- Turcopolier
Lady Karsten Ferdinand
Lady Roisin O'Cathasagh
Lord Einarr Tryggvasson
Lord Caius
William Ward
Erasmus Willikus
Urbano of Summergate
Kristibol of Summergate
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready
Godfrey of Gyldenholt

Allies in attendence
Tunjee of Drafn
Duke Dietrich von Vogelsang
Sir Phillipe de Tourney
(need to fing out the name of the
squires that were there)

Lord Murchadh, Lord Caius, Sir
Halfdan and THL Methius arrive
and begin helping set up the war
along with the Hospitaller Camp.
The Hospitallers are invited to a
feast prepared by the Baron and
Baroness of Calafia.

Many of the Hospitallers arrive and
begin forming their duties of
volunteer work and guarding their
Her Majesty Chamayn II.
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready
swore in as a Leymember of the

Honor Shields are carried by Lord
Gunther the Ever Ready and Lord

THL Methius was Acting Marshall
of the Field and could not fight in
the battles. Duke Christian
commanded the Hospitallers in
defence of the King of Caid. Our
Army won the Bridge scenario.

THL Yon Von Metzger was acting
Turcopolier of the field.
Hospitallers marched and fought
well throughout the day, many
were the honorable acolades given
as to our prowess.

Godfrey of Gyldenholt Swore in as
a Ley Member of the Order.

A special thanks to Duke Dietrick,
Sir Phillipe and thier  squires for
fighting along side the Hospitallers.

Saturday Night
Hospitallers held a feast in honor
of their Majesties Dirk and
Chamayn. Many attended and
gave donations to the Hospitaller
cause. An auction was held in
which a helm made by his Majesty
Dirk was purchased by Hospitallers
and members of the Griffin's
Freehold and given to THL Methius.
Gryphon Freehold, friends of the
Hospitallers, served the
feast..allowing the Hospitallers to
sit and eat in the meal.
Einar Tryggvisson, and Julianna
Vaux was awarded their Awards of
Arms. THL Methius Vaux was
Awarded the Harp Argent.

The Whiskey Bards donated song
to the feast and 3CD's to the

Honor Shields are carried by Ryce
and Lord Einarr Tryggvasson.

THL Snorri Bjornsson was acting
Turcopolier of the field.

Battle field Court
C.R.A.C. 9th Legion, 5th Brigade,
and the Myrmidons all took up the
gaultlet and presented Largesse to
their Majesties.

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