Vicountess Lorissa du Griffin
Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin became
the seventh Princess of the Principality
of Caid when Balin of Tor won and her
grace placed her upon the throne. She
was introduced to the Hospitallers
during the Reign of Dirk V and
Chamayn II. At the end of the reign she
asked to be a Patron protector of the
Brotherhood of the Hospitallers and
has been a friend of true character.

Curently she is the Seneschal of the
Barony of Altavia and good friend to
the Hospitallers.

From Methius- My SCA life got better
the day I met Lorissa. She is a rock
and foundation that will not fall in
desperate times. She is a good friend
and a good listener, her words are true
and she knows how to keep counsel. All
would be considered privlidged to be
able to call this fine woman a friend.

From Yon
Lorissa-  I can not express how deeply
thankful i am to be her friend. She is
always there to lend a hand or crack a
joke. Her service to the Hospitaller's of
St. John of Caid is invaluable. Whether
its on the field tending to our wounds
and battered bodies, or if she is merely
listening to our tales of the day around
our camp fire. Thank You Lorissa for all
you do.
Azure, between the front
paws of a lioness [Panthera
leo] a lion cub, both statant
proper, on a chief argent
three cats' heads cabossed
Lorissa and Balin, Prince
and Princess of Caid
Vicountess Lorissa as
Seneschal of Altavia