Leodomus of Thebes
In Ancient times the Spartans would set their foriegn guest
in the shade at festivals, while they sat where they could.
Marcus Arilliue
Members in Attendance
Herr Yon Von Metzger-Grand Master
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
THL Snorri Bjornsson
THL Methius Vaux-Chaplain
Lord Daniel von Ravensfueld
Lord Thorfinn Voosular
Lord Gunther the Ever
Ready-Sergeant of the Watch
Lord Cormac O'Dunn
Lord Duncan Rose
Sabyna of Adon

The tournament of Leodomus is the
celebration and the Honor of a man
that held the name in Calafia's Infancy.
He perished defending a lady in
distress and we honor his memory and
his devotion to peace.

The Hospitallers we gifted a Baronial
Recognition of Excellence for all out
efforts in enriching the realm of Caid.

THL Methius Vaux was given the Order
of the Trident, a Baronial award for

Lord Thorfinn Voosular faced Sir
Patrick O'Malley in the final rounds,
fighting well we was bested by the

Lord Cormac was victor in the ugly
Kyton Award and was given a Cloak of
Many Colors.

Sir Patrick and Lord Gunther received
Largesse for Exemplary CHivalry from
Estrielle of the Aurora Boriallias, Lord
Thorfinn recieved Homorable Mention.

Tournament Standings
Sir Halfdan-Marshall
THL Methius-Marshall
Lord Daniel- Fought Two Rounds
THL Snorri- Fought Two Rounds
Sabyna of Adon and THL Mehthius Vaux
Hospitallers receive the Recognition
Sabyna in Battle
Lord Gunther Does Battle Lord Karl
THL Snorri Does Battle Lord Cormac
Lord Gunther does battle Lord Lorracan
A game of Chess between rounds
Sabyna takes third place
Lord Thorfinn victorious over Lord Loraccan
Lord Daniel and Sir Phillipe
Warlord Battle Team "us" verses Team "Them"
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready
Lord Gunther verses Sir Phillipe