Brother Karsten
(Karsten Ferdinand)
Karsten Ferdinand was born in the
12th century, the daughter of a
German Crusader father and a
beautiful Christian Armenian
Mother, giving her dark skin and
hair setting her apart.  The darling
of her Fathers eye, she
accompanied him everywhere,
even on campaign making Karsten
stronger than most women of the
time.  She learned to handle sword,
lance and horse by time she was
12.  She was introduced to the
Monk Warriors of the Hospital of
Saint John of Jerusalem when she
was still but a girl.  Her admiration
for the Warriors of God was so
great that, despite the rule of the
order against women, she strove to
take on the sword and oath of the
great order. Behind the Shield of
the Cross, she strikes valiantly into
the throats of all those who are the
enemies of Christ.

During the Reign on Dirk and
Chamayn, King and Queen of Caid,
Karsten was one of the Hospitallers
on Her Majesties Guard. She  was
given the Award of Arms for her
service to the Order and the
Kingdom, at the Crown Tournament
where Sir Sven won to place Sir
Kolfinna as the Princess of the

Karsten took time off from fighting
to raise her Child Peter and spend
time with her husband Joshua. Now
they are both returning to the