Secular Brother Roisin  O'Cathasaigh
Roisin was born sometime
between 1150 and 1160 (Irish dont
keep good calanders). Roisin's
mother was a file (pronounced filla,
plural fili, they are the poet satirists
of ireland, with roots in pagan
beliefs) and her father was a
warrior, she had one older sister
named Kari.  Her mother had
begun to teach her the ways of the
fili , and her father taught her the
ways of the warrior .
Her father was a very pious
christian, her mother was christian
but was from a family of fili and
therefore more closely related to
the older beliefs.  Her father
decided that he must atone for his
wife's family, as well as whatever
his own sins may have been, so he
and Roisin's older sister left to go
on crusade but did not return.
So Roisin frustrated with the
politics in ireland at the
time--(Henry II is a bastard, man!),
left on crusade at the age of 18 to
avenge their deaths...  and this,
naturally, is where she meets the

In 1206 Roison joined the court of
King Dirk and Queen Chamayn as
a Guardsman. She was gifted the
Award of Arms at the Spring Crown
Tournament the same year.