Brother James
(Gonzalo Otsoa)
Gonzalo Otsoa is a Basque peasant, no religion, he just does what he does,
he used to be a Shepard, but a nomadic one. Orphaned by his parents (a
Basque man, and a Gypsy woman) to an old Shepard in the
heart of Basque country. In his travels with his mentor, known only as "the
old man", Gonzalo would follow armies trading with the merchants
accompanying those armies and robbing the dead after the battles, after one
of the battles in Spain he watched a unit of the
Hospitallers along with some of their Turcopoles fighting Moorish raiders.
During that battle one of the Hospitaller man at arms was shot and killed,
falling into brush, lost to the unit. This was what Gonzalo was watching for,
he snuck over to the brush after the battle and robbed the corpse of the
Hospitaller brother, taking his shield, helmet, sword, robes, and pants. Now
he follows the unit he
watched that day, from a distance, charging into battle at the right moment
and joining the brothers he never had, to their surprise. Yet after the battles
he is nowhere to be found, presumably off robbing the field once more. This
only helps to aid the unit's view that Gonzalo as a gift from God, to them he is
their fallen brother's spirit aiding them in battle. His travels with the unit have
taken him back across Europe and into the heart of the holy land where he
now lives within the masses of pilgrims, where he enjoys the ease of theft in
the crowds. He lived in the streets near the Hospitallers priory in the city, and
follows them out to battle when they depart (waiting until Battle is joined to
don the armor) and stalked them in their travels. After one of the battles,
while robbing the dead, he was caught by Muslims and forced to convert,
which he did, not caring for religion. During his time with the Muslims he
joined with the Assassins and learned their ways. Using the skills he had
learned with the Assassins, Gonzalo escaped back to the Christian city and
once again lived near the priory of the Hospitallers. One night while resting
near the priory Gonzalo was visited by an Orthodox priest who spoke of
Christ's forgiveness and love, and the greatness of heaven and the glory of
God, and, while this did not convert Gonzalo, it changed his perspective on a
greater being and spirituality(something he had learned of from a Buddhist
monk while living with the Assassins). His newfound spirituality would
eventually lead him to actually join the Hospitaller order as a layman. He
worked, for a while, not as a battle brother, but as an aid to the troops in the
field. Eventually his skills as an Assassin would lead him back into combat
along side the order.
The day had grown to its close and not many fighters remained on the
battlefield. Those that were left were the dedicated warriors of the
craft. Men of the Chivalry and those wishing to become so, men who loved the
fight for just the sheer joy of it. There among them was Gonzalo Otsoa, Guardsmen
of Her Majesty, Seuclar Brother of the Hospitallers of St. John of Caid. Gonzalo’s
story is one fitting for the fables of legend. In the  winter of last
year Gonzalo moved to the West Kingdom to find his way in life. Even though
miles separated him from his Brothers and Sisters of the Hospitallers and his
Queen, he did not relinquish his vows to either. When the drums of war called
all the warriors of Caid to stand beside his Majesty Dirk, Gonzalo turned the
impossible to the possible. He traveled with little money to Estrella and
renewed his oaths of kinship and honor. He did well on the field as a representative
of the Queen’s own. Now he stood before Duke Dietrich von Volgelsang and gave
honorable combat. The two men fought until they could no longer hold their swords
up. Later that night some of the Hospitallers came into their camp to find the
Duke sitting in the Chapel. He was awaiting the return of Gonzalo. When Gonzalo
came into camp his Grace offered him a token of a Caid coin for all his valor on
the field and told the Hospitallers that in the spring when the forces of the
Sun Children tried to penetrate lower Caid via Potrero Pass…his Grace would
stand with the Hospitallers and bar the way. With sad eyes in the Morn we bid each
of us our different way to travel back home. Once again Gonzalo traveled back into
the West Kingdom where he still holds his oath to his Queen in Caid and his
Brothers that protect her.

Long Live Gonzalo Otsoa, Secular Brother of the Hospitallers of Caid,
Guardsmen of Chamayn Queen of Caid.