Great Western War IX  
(October 2005)

Oct 8.
Great West War

Hospitallers in attendance

His Grace Duke Christian du Glaive
Lord Daniel Von Ravensfueld of Clan Gryphon
Lord Methius Vaux of Clan Gryphon, Gonfanier
Lord Thorfinn Vouselar, Acting War Marshall
Einar Trygviison
Gonzalo Otsoa of Clan Gryphon
Giest Von Krieg
Yon Von Metzger
Karsten Ferdinand
Róisín ua Cathasaigh

Hagar of Heatherwyne
Gehrig Ornelas
Snorri Snarfari Bjornsson

  In these bright first days, the Hospitallers
created many traditions and solemn pacts with
one another. The Cup of conviction, an ancient,
tarnished brass goblet, was filled with bitter wine
to represent not only the blood of Christ but also
the blood, sweat and tears of each Hospitaller
that was there that day and sacrificed for the
Brotherhood to bring such a dream to life.
   Bread was broken in our fast in remembrance
of not only the body of Christ, but  of those we
have lost along the way. These two humble acts
set the tone of the day. Our fight was not for the
glory of the individual, but for the brotherhood
and the Kingdom of Caid. This was the
Hospitallers first time crossing swords in the
defence of Caid, and few were determined to
make it a day of remembrance.

  Under the blistering sun the Brethren of St.
John marched to the field on that first day in
collums of two.
  Yon Von Metzger and Lord Thorfinn were the
first to carry the Honor Shields of Sir Alisander.
The shields belonged at one time to a fallen
knight of Caid who once dreamed of creating a
warband that would follow in the footsteps of St.
John. Sir Alisander fell but his dream did not.
Here were men and women with conviction and
determination to make his dream their very own.
Although none of the brethren knew the knight
while he walked the earth, they did hold his
dream fondly to their hearts and wished to
breath life into it.
  The march to the battlefield was long, yet with
each step the Brothers of St. John sang with joy
in their heart. Angels surely watched in earnest
and envied these warriors for in secret they
practiced their holy tune and now they unleashed
it for the world to hear. The Order Sang Ave
Maria as we entered the field.  Glory to the
Virgin rang form their lips. As they closed upon
the battlefield, the roar of the waiting crowd
subsided until only the purity of the peaceful
hymn could be heard upon the wind. Such was
the whitness of the first glimpse of the Brothers
of the white cross.

Great war horns echoed the across the hills of
Locke Prado, ushering the terrible host to battle.
The Brethren rushed to the King and bent knee
before him, they swore their lives before his and
begged permission to go into the thickest of the
fight. His Majesty smiled warmly for here were
men and women of both veteran and newly
forged blades ready to do vile work upon the
enemy. Here was a people of his own heart and
he welcomed them to be his ambassadors on
this bloody day.

In the First Battle our Order was given
instructions to Charge the Contingent of
the West Kingdom upon the Lay on.  As
subsequent Battles arose during the day,
the new order came together.  As is in any
new Unit, the Hospitallers were forged and
shaped by the trials of combat which not
peaceful training can provide.  Command,
Control and Individual Prowess all
increased in efficiency as the day wore on.
There were injuries, Brother Methius almost
had his nose broken, but all emerged at the
end of the days fighting, intact and joyful.

Later that evening ,Court
The order stood guard for three hours.
Presented the Queen with Fabric
and coin, presented the King with the Cloak
of Monarchs, (Cloak of
the Order). The Orders stalwart example of
Duty and Patience as they awaited the
Royals "Pleasure" was a great example to
all of the true character of the Hospitallers
of Caid.

After the long court we
ate Lumpia ,THANK YOU THESS!!!!!!!

Oct 9
Marched to the field
Yon Von and Thorfinn carry the Honor

This days battle showed new light on the
Hospitallers.  The order fought all day,
receiving praise from friend and enemy
The Prince of Cynagua Gives coin from his
own pocket as a gift to our humble Order in
recognition of our great presence on the
field.  The Prince, a Scholar of Medieval
History, stated he normally does not like
seeing Holy Orders on the SCA field,
However, he praised the Hospitallers of
Caid for doing honor to the memory of
those great Orders of the past.

Thorfinn receives the Tunic from Sir Mathias
in recognition of his Squiring to Duke
Christian the night before (Sir Mathius acted
as Knight Witness)

Circle of Praise:  At the end of the day, the
order held the Circle of Praise.  All members
sat in a circle and each was the recipient of
praise from his or her brothers for the
weekends performance upon the field.
Duke Christian, Thess, Gonzalo, Karsten, Melissa, Roisin,
and Yon
The Hospitallers march to meet King Dietrich and Protect
the Keep.
The Hospitallers stand in the calm of the storm as they
watch the enemy move into position.
The Hospitallers break through the opening created by
the siege engines of the Caid Royal Atrillery Corps.
THL Methius Vaux, Gonfanier of the Hospitallers
The Hospitallers march to the Court of the four Kings
Giest von Krieg holding the line.
Roisin, Yon, Karsten, Einar and Methius patrol the night
Roisin and her new friend
His Majesty wearing the Cloak on Monarchs
The tools of War
Karsten Ferdinand in the thick of battle
Giest Von Krieg holding the line.
Hospitallers holding the Line
Karsten after the battles on the Last day
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