Hospitallers Present
Sir Halfdan Haroldson
Sir Njal Grimsson

THL Methius Vaux
THL Yon Von Metzger
Lord Daniel von Ravensfeuld
Lady Roisin O'Cathasaigh
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready
Gonzalo Otsoa
Lord Rayhan Talib Nasir al Din
Khistoval de Garza
Lord Urbano de Garza
Lord Cormac O'Dunn
Lady Karsten Ferdinand
Lord Duncan Rose
Lady Sabyna of Adon

There were in Jerusalem at the time 70,000
Frankish troops, both swordsmen and archers,
and champions of error armed with lances, their
pliant points quivering, ready to defend the city.
They challenged us to combat and barred the
pass, they came down into the list like enemies,
they slaughtered and drew blood, they blazed
with fury and defended the city, they fumed and
burned with wrath, they drove us back and
defended themselves, they became inflamed
and caused us harm, groaned and incited,
called for help in foreign tongue, entrenched
themselves and acted like men enraged with
thirst, whirled about and crossed, advanced
and retreated rolled about and grieved, cried
out and yelled in the conflict, immolated
themselves in their tragedy and flung
themselves on death. They fought grimly and
struggled with all their energy, descending to
the fray with absolute resolution, they wielded
the sockets of their spears to give the thirsty
points the water of the spirit to drink; they dealt
with those that had lost their nerve, and passed
around the goblets of death; they hurled
themselves into battle to cut off limbs, they
blazed and set fire to things, the clustered
together and obstinately stood their ground
they made themselves a target for arrows, and
called on death to stand by them. They said:
“Each of us is worth twenty, and every ten worth
a hundred! We shall bring about the end of the
world in defense of the Church of the
Resurrection, and we shall despise our own
safety in the desire for her survival.” So the
battle continued and the slaughter with spear
and sword went on.

Imad al-Din of the fall of Jerusalem
Great West War 2010