Secular Brother Gunther the Ever
Gunther was born in the Village of Drafn, as he was
growing to adulthood many of the Varangian Guard
feared Gunther would not make a great warrior. He
was small in stature and his strength was not great.
When he was of the Age to take to the field of war
he surprised his fellows with his ferocity and
prowess. He made his way into the Drafn Shield Wall
and into the Raven's Guard as well. Fate brought
him before Gonzalo Otsoa and the both fell into a
drunken stupor, Gonzalo bet that Gunther could not
find a feast hall than would take the two so late in
the night, if Gunther failed to find a Hall he would
fight for the Hospitallers for one day.

Needless to say Gunther was found the next
morning wearing a Cappa of the Confrater and
carrying the shield of the Hospitallers. He fought
bravely for the Order as he did in Drafn.

As the weeks went by Gunther became great friends
with the Fighting Brethren and at Potrero Pass he
made the commitment of the Secular Brother,
leaving his village to protect the Pilgrims of Caid.

During the Reign of Drog and Ilthuna, Gunther was
made Sergeant of the watch of the Shield wall of the
Order. He held that position with great pride and
trained the fellow shieldmen.

During the reign of Edric and Faizeh Gunther moved
to Border of Adenveldt and holds a vigilant guard