Brother Godfrey
Godfrey De la Whyte was born on the 20th of July of the
1174 year of our Lord in Rutland England. Fortunate
enough to have relatively wealthy parents, Godfrey lived a
life of comfort as noble did. During that time he was
educated by his father Guy, a learned man and a shining
example of chivalry. In addition to gaining knowledge of
honor and chivalry, Guy saw it fit to teach his son how to
wield a sword. From a young age Godfrey began to
develop skill in swordsmanship and took particular interest
in the subject. On the year 1189 Richard the Lion hearted
called upon the people of England to support a crusade to
the re-establish Christianity in the Holy land. Godfrey and
his Father enlisted their services to England. From
Rutland Godfrey traveled to the coast with his father and
got on a boat headed for France, and then Sicily. After
Richards Army Captured Messina, (the capitol of Sicily),
Richards army set sail for the port of Acre. Arriving at Acre
on June 8th 1191, Richard immediately began constructing
siege weapons in order to capture the city. During the
siege Godfrey was wounded by an arrow. Godfrey was
treated in a hospital run by the Hospitallers of Saint John
during the siege. Despite the pain he felt, Godfrey was
more concerned about the safety of his father, whom he
had not seen for days, since Godfrey had been injured. A
week later the crusaders rejoiced as Richard was
successful in capturing the City of Acre. Although this was
good news, Godfrey was still not at ease about the fact
that his father was still no where to be found. Still not
entirely recovered, Godfrey left the hospital in search of
his father. After 3 days of searching, Godfrey discovered
the horrible truth of his father’s death. Unsure of what to
do Godfrey stumbled off to the hospital where he had
been recovering for the past two weeks. Although all
seemed lost, Godfrey received comfort from a Member of
the Order of Saint John by the name of Methius Vaux
whom had nearly broken his nose during the siege.
Methius’s faith in God Astounded Godfrey as well as his
willingness to serve. Methius explained to Godfrey that all
is as God wills and that perhaps that this was Gods plan
for his life. In time Godfrey was able to accept the loss of
his father, and in return grow closer in his faith with the
Lord. Feeling compelled to return the kindness that had
been shown to him, Godfrey pledged his willingness to
serve and picked up the cross and began a life of
servitude as a humble member of the Hospitallers of Saint
John. With uncertainty of what lay ahead, Godfrey felt that
up until this point his life was merely a prequel for what lay
ahead of him. But one thing was for sure; he welcomed the
future with eagerness...

Godfrey also serves with the Todeskorps of Gyldenholt in
defence of Caid