Fall Crown 06
James 2:24
"You see that a man is justified by
works and not by faith alone."
Members in Attendance

Duke Christian Du Glaive
Sir Halfdann Haraldsson
Sir Njal Grimsson

THL Snorri Bjornsson
THL Methius Vaux
Herr Yon Von Metzger
Lord Thorfinn Voosular
Lord Murchadh Garrioch
Lady Roisin O'Cathasagh

The Hospitallers traveled into the
Northren Mountains to celebrate in
Praticipation of the Crown
Tournament. Sir Njal Grimmson and
the Honorable Lord Snorri Bjornsson
fought in the list. The day was won by
Duke Eadric.
Sir Njal does Battle with Duke Eadric
Sir Njal does Battle with Sir Edward
the Sinister
Knights of the First Order, Sir
Halfdann and Sir Njal discuss the
fighting of the day.
The Honorable Lord Snorri Bjornsson
The Honorable Lord Snorri Bjornsson
does battle with THL Bjorn of the
Northren Seas
Duke Eadric won the day and became the
Prince of Caid
The Honorable Lord Methius and Lady Roisin
Herr Yon Von Metzger and Dutchess
Chamayn of Castille
Lord Murchadh Garrioch
Lord Edward of Westren Seas