Estrella 09
Members Present
Sir Njal Grimsson
THL Methius Vaux
Lord Urbano Garza
Lord Cormac O'dunne
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready
Lady Sabyna of Adon
Lady Roisin O'Cathasaigh

As the few Brothers of the
Cross, along with friends and
supports began their pilgrimage
toward the war fields of Estrella,
the heavens hung low and dark
with  the clouds swelling with
rain. Each Brother and friend
prayed to stay the rain until the
final sword stroke, the last log
was nothing more than ash. The
prayers were met with the Sun
driving the rain away. Not one
drop landed upon the war fields
of Estrella, although frost and
chill visited in the night, the day
was cool and calm.

The first to arrive was Cormac,
and his Lady Kalayleh who took
to his duties and began setting
the camp, next to follow were
Methius and Sir Njal.

Slowly the few brothers came
together, as did friends such as
Lady Virginia Reed, and Lady
Morgan the Defector.

Sir Augustine and many knights
were to follow their Majesties
onto the Rapier field. The Son
of Lorelei was the Army General
and asked Methius to act in his
stead and command on Friday.

Heavily outnumbered the Army
of Caid as well as Artemisia,
Outlands, Calontir and An Tir
surprised the world by winning a
few victories throughout the war.

Cormac was awarded the
Dolphin of Caid.
Act upon your faith, even if you must undergo the loss of
2nd rule of the Encjiridion Militis-Erasmus