Estrella War 07

"you have shined greater than any Sun
I know"- Edric, King of Caid
Members in Attendence

Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
Sir Njal Grimmson- Gonfanier

THL Methius Vaux- Grand Master
Herr Yon Von Metzger- Turcopolier
Lord Thorfinn Voosular- Chaplain
Lady Roisin O'cathasaigh
Lord Daniel von Ravensfueld
Gonzalo Otsoa
Rayhan Talib Nasir al Din

Lord Caius of Calafia
Godfrey de la Whyte
Chistoval Urraca Rosalia de Garza
Urbano Lorenzo Gutierrez de Garza

Jethro of Gyldenholt
Cormac of Calafia

From the West we came. Sir Njal
Grimmson, Gonfanier of the
Hospitallers lead THL Methius, Herr
Yon Von and Lord Caius onto the field
on Friday Morning as they were the
first Hospitallers to make it across the
Sun Baked sands to stand beside King
Edric against the Adenvelt horde and
its allies. The men fought bravely upon
the open field. When his Majesty
requested that three small Keeps of
stone be taken..the Hospitallers were
standing in them before the Sun set
and the day belong to the fine warriors
of Caid and its Allies.

On saturday the Hospitalers numbers
were bolstered by the arrival of the
rest of the Brethren. Although the
numbers of the Caid army grew in
strength, so to did the numbers of the
Adenvelt Army in such a size that Caid
was vastly outnumbered. "Much Glory
to be had', cried out the King and we
had to agree- for the Hospitallers will
never flee the field of battle. Hard
fighting against brave men was had,
thier numbers against our
determination. In the end we retired
from the field with the accomplishments
and renown we made. His Majesty
came to Methius and told him to pick
one amoung the Hospitallers to be
given the Corrde de Guerre. A
decision the acting Grand Master
found almost Impossible. each and
every Hospitaller fought with heart and
valor upon the field and it was made
hard to choose one amoung the
brethren to take this award. In the end
he chose Thorfinn Voosular, only as a
represenative of the Order to take the
Corrde and wear it for his brother and
Sunday found the Hospitallers and the
remnants of Caids army fighting at the
bridge for four long hours. Much honor
to the men across the bridge for they
showed much courage and chivalry
that day. The Hospitallers stood with
the King of Artemisia, finding him
alone, they formed a guard around his
Majesty until he quit the field. Rumors
whispered that the Warriors of the
Westren Sea would make their final
charge. Methius remembered the
Hospitality shown him and Herr Yon by
the people of the Westren Seas when
they visited that fine land. He asked Sir
Anton, Baron of the Westren Seas if
the Hospitaller could run the charge
with them. Gladly the Baron agreed.
Sir Mathias MarkGarden lead the
charge and "Westren Seas" roared
from the lips of all the fighers. Strongly
we went and flew through the enemy
all the way to the other side of the
The Sun over the Hospitaller Camp
The two armies meet upon the field
The march of War
God Wills it!
Guardians of the High Road, Warriors of Altavia
Baroness Bridget of Altavia
Gonzalo awaiting his turn into the breech
Look at the Carnage!!
The Butcher taking it to the enemy
Vicountess Lorissa nursing the
Gonfanier to health
Lord Caius and Lady Roisin poised to repell the enemy
Methius resting his wounds
THL Methius surrounded by proud warriors of Caid
Lord Thorfinn Voosular, Chaplain of the Hospitallers of Caid
Sir Valrik giving words of
encouragement to Methius as he
commanded the Army in the Castle
Preparing for the next engagement
Duchess Chamayn of Casitlle and
Lady Roisin
Lord Thorfinn with the Gonfannon of
the Hospitallers of Caid
Thanks to Baroness Bridget at  and to
Lord Yon Von for the use of the pictures
Quick meeting before returning to the fight
Drafn and the warriors of Caid
Methius directing Traffic in the Castle
Thorfinn, Caius and Methius talking of the fighting
The King rallies the troops
Good friends from the Westren Seas
Gonzalo Otsoa and Lady Roisin