Estrella 06

Increase your faith, even if the
world appears mad.
First Rule of the Enchiridion
Estrella War 06

Members in Attendance
Duke Christian du Glaive, Grand
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
Sir Njal Grimssom
Lord Methius Vaux of Clan
Gryphon, Gonfanier
Lord Daniel von Ravensfueld of
Clan Gryphon
Lord Murchadh Garrioch of Clan
Lord Snorri Snafarisson
Yon Von Metzger of CLan Gryphon,
Gonzalo Otsoa of Clan Gryphon
Einar Tryggviisson of Clan Gryphon
Karsten Ferdinand
Roisin O'Cathsagaigh
Austin leymember
Caius, Squire of Sir Halfdan

Allies in Attendance
Tunji of Drafin
Roreick of Summergate
Jamie of Summergate
Erik of Summergate
Edgar of Chissex and the
Strongbow Archers
Owen of the Hand
Gehrig Ornelas
Gunther the Ever Ready

The Hospitallers arrive on the field
and begin erecting the
fortifications of the Camp. The
Chapel is used for the first time as
a meeting area and a Hospice.
Many members of the Hospitallers
begin their duties with the crown.

Beginning of the day is lead in
Prayer from the Grand Master, and
passing of the Cup.
Honor Shields are given to Gonzalo
Otsoa and Duke Christian du Glaive
to be carried to the field.
Duke Christian receives the Corrde
du Guerre.

Friday night
The first members are inducted
into the secular office.
Lord Methius Vaux
Yon Von Metzger
Gonzalo Otsoa
Einar Trygviisson
Karsten Ferdinand
Roisin O'Cathsagaigh
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
Lord Daniel von Ravensfueld

Honor Shields are carried by Einar
Tryggvisson and Karsten Ferdinand

On the field Many brave deeds
were done.

Lord Methius Vaux and Yon Von
Metzger were made Lieutenants
of the Queen's Guard. The
Hospitallers of St. John of Caid
the Crossed Swords of Caid.

Saturday night
he second wave of members were
inducted into the
Lord Murchad Garrioch
Lord Snorri Snafarrisson
Sir Njal Grimsson

Caius was accepted as the newest

Yon Von Metzger
Squire to His Grace Duke Christian
Du Glaive
Secular Brother with in the
Hospitallers of St. John of Caid
Commander of the Turcopoles
Lt. of Her Majesties Guard
Wielder of His Highness Sword
Freeman of Clan Gryphon

Sunday Morning
Austin was accepted as the newest

YonVon fought as one of the
Champions of Caid.

Gonzalo Otsoa and Lord Daniel von
Ravensfueld received the Corrde du

The Hospitallers were gifted a
bottle of wine from th Caid Royal
Artillery Corp, a Bottle of Mead
from the Strongbow archers, and
Prayer Beads from Viscountess
Lorissa du Griffon.

Herzog Dietrich gave unto Gonzalo
a token of a Caid coin for the
Bravery and Chivalry upon the

Late into the night after fighting
Zombies from the camp, their
Majesties Dirk and Chamayn came
and visited until all the wood for
fire was burned away. Many fine
stories were told by Sir Wilhelm the
Myrmidon, Sir Mathias of Drafn,
Yon Von Metzger and his Majesty

With a strong heart the Combined
Armies of the Outlands and Caid
the war and departed for safer
lands, for home.