Brother Eric (Lord Eric von Hemeor Welzin )
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Eric Von Hemeor (Welzin) was
born the illegitimate son of a
German Teutonic Knight named
von Welzin, in 1201 and was
raised in Antioch.  He was
informally given the household
name “HeMeor” (of Jewish origin)
by his caretakers yet he had a
Christian upbringing.  In 1209, von
Welzin, siding with the Hospitallers
in a bloody skirmish against the
Templars, fell – some say stricken
by God Almighty himself for his
indiscretions.  As von Welzin’s only
lineage, Eric was willed title, deed
and inheritance.  With new
fortune, Eric, at a young age, was
educated in military tactics and the
Arts and Sciences, longing to be a
But the path to Chivalry is a
difficult and arduous one and while
he continued to take this
challenge, Eric felt the need to
show humility before God for his
favor.  At the age of 16, he took
up the Cross, joining a band of
Crusaders as a man-at-arms and
a shield bearer, receiving honors
and praises through many battles
and over as many years.
During a particularly violent battle,
Eric was injured.  As he recovered,
he grew disillusioned after
realizing his Crusades had been
fashioned for gain not for God.  
Disappointed with his sacrifices
and desiring to fulfill a greater
purpose, he sought and received
acceptance to the Order of St.
John’s Hospitalers of Caid.
As a Brother of this Order, he now
strives to bring the mission and
service of the Order abroad to the
outreaches of the Known World
and to the East, continues to
advance his skills which will some
day make him a Knight, and tries
to serve as an example of
riotousness and goodness for
others to emulate.  He has learned
that fighting is only part of qualities
that define Chivalry – the other
half is conduct which sets him
apart.  Acceptance to the Order,
to Eric, represents another step in
his pursuit of that dream.  
Renown, the fame by which you
are known for virtue or malice, is
not in itself glory or honor.  It is the
'good name' earned through the
pursuit of virtue that others have
recognized.  In recognition, they
honor you and increase your fame
in their hearts.  Renown is what is
earned.  In return, you continue to
strive for excellence, keeping the
virtue of humility close to the heart
so he does not fall victim to
thoughts of vain personal glory.
He will unite with his Brethren in
Battle as fate will have it.

His personal device tells his story:
The tinctures: Representative of
those of the Holy Orders and of
the Crusades.
The lion sable: Passed down from
von Welzin’s own charge.
The bend sinister: Confesses his
own illegitimacy.
The cross potent: From the
Teutonic Order in honor to God
and his German ancestry.