Baron Eadwynne of Runedun
Edwin, known officially in the SCA as Baron
Eadwynne of Runedun, was born sometime in
the mid-11th century in England. His ancestral
holdings were severely diminished by the
Norman conquest of 1066.
Thus he eventually went as far as Byzantium to
find work as a mercenary. He ended up fighting
the Normans once more as soldier of
Byzantium in Sicily in 1071 - and lost. He
retired as a soldier and joined the newly formed
Franciscans in Italy where he spent the last
years of his life.

Edwin is a court Baron of Caid, with a few other
various awards. He was the last Kingdom
Sciences officer for Caid before the Office was
combined with Arts to form the Office of Arts
and Sciences. He was squired to Sir Waldt von
Markheim in 1977, and although inactive as
such, he is still proud of the relationship. He has
also held various offices in the Barony of
Dreiburgen, Caid, including Baronial Armorer
(he had a garage), Baronial Sciences, and
Canton Seneschal. He was the first "Foreman"
of the Moniers' Guild of Dreiburgen. He was
also co-head of House Drachestern, one of the
principal units which worked to create the Great
Desert Wars (between Burro Creek and Estrella
eras). He is active on the_Curia and Perrel lists
regarding the Period Catholic Church.

Edwin enjoys singing, performing in theater,
creating ceramics, forgework and mail-weaving,
and he was once an active scribe for Caid (a
long time ago) - although he doesn't do much
of any of this these days.

Ted Hewitt, Edwin's mundane persona, has an
art degree from CSU Long Beach; worked for
15 years for Riverside County as a technical
specialist in the Sheriff and Fire Departments,
and has worked in the Special Effects industry,
at one point actually getting paid to knit mail.
More recently he was a make-up artist for Sea-
World's "Terrors of the Deep". He is currently
teaching Digital Imaging at Riverside
Community College, and Advanced
Photography at Mt. San Jacinto College. He is
active in his local Church and the Boy Scouts.
He has just finished Riverside City Fire
Department's "Civilian Emergency Response
Team" training. His CPR and first aid certs are
still active, but he no longer maintains his
previous Fire Dept. emergency medical certs.
Ted is happily married and has three children
(aged 20, 12 and 5).

From Methius- Edwin has been much help in
developing the culture of the Hospitallers of St.
John of Caid. He is well versed in historical lore
and is a silent sage of the Order. Much thanks
Edwin for all the information you have given us
onver the last two years. Without it we would
not be who we are. Again, thank you.