Eckhart Sigismund
Upon the high mountain of Valley Azure, Eckhart
Sigismund was brought up by his loving mother and
father, into a far too peaceful existence, and taught
the values of honour and respect.  Eckhart took
these values to heart, and when he became of age,
he set out to find his calling, longing for grandeur
and adventure.

He travelled to the far realms of Ansteorra, a far cry
from his small home in the Western Seas, hoping to
find a purpose for his time on this earth.  He was a
cook, a bard, and a wanderer during his times, none
of which were easy, and he was always reminded of
the home he had left behind, and the family that still
missed him, or so he hoped.

Upon one of his wanderings he happened across a
band of warriors, who were training upon an open
field, wearing armour and shield, bearing sword and
spear.  A kindly old man approached Eckhart, and
told him they were training to prepare for a great
war, and that new recruits were always welcome…

And so with this invitation, Eckhart began to train
with these warriors.  But before the day of battle at
this Great Western War could arrive, Eckhart was
forced to flee Ansteorra, for those who he had
helped and called friend during his time there, had
turned their backs on him and demanded that he be
the one to pay for their mistakes.  So with a heavy
heart, he bade farewell to the warriors he had come
to call friends, fearing he may never get his chance
for glory in battle.

Eckhart’s family welcomed him home with open arms,
and asked him of his adventures in those far lands.  
As he recounted his stories, he spoke of the warriors
he had seen, and how he had felt the pull towards
that path.  His mother, seeing the desire in her son’s
eyes, told Eckhart of a small band of warriors that
also called the Valley Azure their home, how she had
seen them training.  Eckhart set out at once to meet
these fellow Valley Azurians.

 It was a warm spring day when Eckhart happened
upon the warriors, the clang of sword upon shield,
the grunt of struggling opponents, and the laughter
of friends at leisure leading him to their training
grounds.  As Eckhart approached, the men
surrounding the two sparring duelists looked his
way, eyeing him curiously, for not many dared
approach so boldly.  Eckhart bade them all
greetings, and asked if it would be possible to fight
and train alongside them.  The warriors welcomed
him in, introductions were made, and before long
Eckhart was conversing with them all like long lost

One warrior in particular stood out to Eckhart, his
black cloak blowing in the wind, a bright cross
displayed proudly across his chest.  He was a
brutish looking fellow, with a large beard and a
glaive resting at his side.  Eckhart asked this man
his name, to which the big man replied Yon von
Metzger.  The two conversed, and found they both
were of German descent.  Daylight began to fade,
and Eckhart and Yon von Metzger spoke of their
lives and what had brought them both to this place.

Yon was a crusader of the order of Hospitallers of
St. John.  He spoke of his battles against invaders of
Caid along side the king, and how he had come to
the Valley Azure to seek further training in the arts of
the sword.  He also spoke of his order, how they
were small, yet how they were respected by both
friend and foe alike for their not only their prowess,
but their honour and kindness as well, for they were
not only protectors of the meek, but healers as well.
Eckhart listened to what Yon had to say, and when
the offer to join was made, Eckhart decided that he
would take up the cross, for what was more noble
than a calling to help those who could not help

And so, with the help of The Honorable Lord Yon
von Metzger, Eckhart Sigismund took up the cross
and began his service to the realm as a Confrater of
the Hospitallers of St. John of Caid