Drogo and Ithuna
Members in attendance
Lord Yon von Metzger - Grandmaster
THL Methius Vaux- Chaplian
Urbano Lorenzo Gutierrez de Garza -
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready-
Sergeant of the Watch
Lord Murchadh Garrioch- Castellian
Lord Daniel von Ravensfeuld
Lord Cormac O'Dunn
Lord Thorfinn Voosular
Rayhan Talib Nasir al Din
Sabyna of Adon
The Hospitallers From Left to Right :Sabyna, Cormac, Methius, Yon,
Daniel, Urbano, Thorfinn, (On knee) Murchadh, Nasir, Gunther
The Hospitallers preparing to enter court
Eadric and Faizeh, King and Queen
Eadric and Faizeh address the Kingdom
The Hospitallers present Largesse
Her Majesty with the Largesse
Prince Drogo and Princess Ilthuna
are brought into court upon Drafn
Warshields carried by the proud
warriors of the Viking Band.
The new King and Queen
Squire Brothers Yon and Thorfinn