Customs and
Passing of the Cup  - The first Day of
fighting, before the Hospitallers go into battle we
each drink from the golden grail to represent the
honor of each members blood and sweat that was
sacrificed for the unit. We also break bread to
represent the foundation of unity in which our
Brotherhood is formed.
Circle of Praise -  many would
like to praise themselves around
the campfire after a long day of
fighting. The Hospitallers praise
their brethren and in turn receive
Ave Maria Verum Corpis -
When the Hospitallers march the
leads them in spiritual song,
praising the Virgin Mary.
Honor Shields   - Fall Potrero war 2005 Sir
Drogo Fitzwilliam
presented the Hospitallers with two war shields
that once belonged to
Sir Alisander. Sir Alisander at one time tried to
form the
Hospitaller unit in the Kingdom of Caid but
passed away before he
could continue. We the Hospitallers feel these
shields reside in a
place of honor and will never use them for
battle. The shields are
used to progress the unit to and from the field
as well as in events
of court. The shields are held by the honor
guard, chosen by the Turcopoler and the