Knight of the First Order
Duke Christian du Glaive
Christian du Glaive was born in 1155
in Normandy, Son of a Minor
Feudal Lord. Christian was raised in
the shadow of his Uncle Robert,
who had lost a leg in the disastrous
Crusade of King Louis and Queen
Eleanor to liberate Edessa from the
Infidel. Robert had been a
knight of the Outremer, and Christian's
Training for Knighthood had
included a rich understanding of the
duties of a Christian Knight.  
After participating in many battles and
raids between local barons
in France, Christian took the Cross in
1179, and traveled to the
Levant (Holy Land) where he first
served the Count of Tripoli and
eventually received a Fief of his own in
1187, only to loose it to
Saladin after the defeat at Hattin.   
Christian became a Donat of
the Order of St. John of the Hospital of
Jerusalem (Hospitallers) in
1188, and became a full Brother
Knight in 1191.  He Continues to
Serve the Order and Holy Mother
Church, Combating the enemies of

Duke Christian du Glaive was Knighted
in 1987.  He has been King of the
West twice and Prince of Cynagua
twice. Among his awards is The Order
of the Kings Lance for Equestrian
Service and Knight Bannerette for
Leading the Armies of the West

Duke Christian was the first knight
sworn is as a Brother in the
Hospitallers of St. John of Caid, he
also carried the first mantle of Grand
Master and was a key force in shaping
the Order in its beginnings.

He is currently across the great sea to
the Palatine Barony in the Far West
helping in  aid to the people in that