Duchess Chamayn of Castile
Per chevron Azure and
Purpure, a mermaid
Argent tailed Vert and
crined Sable, sustaining a
trident and maintaining a
shield Or
During her second Reign as Queen of Caid, many
Hospitallers became members of her guard. It was
during this time that the Hospitallers received their
Cross Swords of Caid and Royal Recognition. Even
now Her Grace seeks out those who wear the Cross
and assist in her manner as she can.

From Yon-
Chamayn- Where to start... A supporter from just
about day one....  I remember asking Lord Murchahd
what it took to be on your Guard. His answer was "well
lets go over and ask her" after sheepishly asking to
serve as a member of your guard i knew it was some
thing i would do again. A friendship created, that has
survived through thick and thin. I am proud to call you
my friend, and a friend of the Hospitaller's. Thank you
your Grace for all you have done.

From Methius-
Red Sands....Red Sands