Special Thanks to Viscountess Lorissa
du Griffon, and Sabyna of Adon for the
Beyond the Scars Summer Camp Demo
Members in Attendance
Herr Yon Von Metzger -GrandMaster
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready
Sergeant of the Watch
Lord Einar Tryggviisson
Lord Cormac O'Dunn
Urbano Garza-Turcapolier
Roric of Summergate
William Ward
Sabyna of Adon

Friends and Allies
Haraald Hlatur Drengur
Lord Karl of Corvus
Magnus von Mitchell Vogner
Isabel Alexandra Vogner
Timothy the Procrastinator
Mikal the Dragon
Mistress Eiligh na Tire Dharigh
Visocountess Lorissa du Griffin
Anne of St. Isodore
Nona Reardon
(if I have missed your name e-mail it to
the Grand Master or myself)

The Event
One of the Hospitallers duties is also a
great reward, it is the protection of the
Children, Women, Sick and Poor. On
this day of August 7th, the Hospitallers
and Friends held a Demo for the
Children of Beyond the Scars Summer
We feel honored to have participated
in this event and hope that we can do
more events for the Orginization in the
Grand Master Herr Yon von Metzger, Sergeant of the Watch Lord Gunther
the Ever Ready and Secular Brother Lord Einar Tryggviisson stand with
the CHildren of the Camp
Lord Karl of Corvus and Roric of Summergate prepare to do battle while
the crowd gathers.
Anne of St. Isodore showing off her Catpult skills
Lord Timothy the Procrastinator speaking on the Society and how it all
Lord Karl and Roric do battle for the Children of the Camp.
If all I have done in this world was make a child smile,
then my life was never in vain.  
THL Methius Vaux
For the Children!
Sabyna of Adin with the Fashion Brigade
Nona giving Music Lessons