Calafia Anniversary '06
Members in Attendence
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson
THL Methius Vaux
Herr Yon Von Metzger
Lord Murchadh Garrioch
Lady Roisin O'Cathasagh
Lord Gunther the Rver Ready
Lord Thorfinn Voosular
Lord Daniel Von Ravensfueld
Erasmus Willicus

The Hospitallers participated
in Calafia Anniversary by
cooking the feast, entering the
fighting list and participating in
the Brigade Practice.
Lord Gunther the Ever Ready does
Battle with his Knight, Sir Phillipe
His Excellency Gimli, son of Gliom
Lady Roisin has a taste of the Stew.
Lord Daniel, Secular Brother
Chaplain Lord Thorfinn
Get to work Murchadh!!