Brother Boyd Mc Cailin
Boyd Mc Cailin was born 1159 outside
Inverness,Scotland.He was raised by
his father who was a master fletcher.
His father paid tithe's and gave bows
to the local Lord in return for land and
a shop.
Boyd grew up learning the ways of the
bow,Everything from creating,useage
to maintanance he was taught by his
father and his fathers apprentaces.
But in the end Being the son of a well
known master tradesman wasnt what
boyd felt god had planned for him.
So in the year 1176 he signed up as
deck hand for one of the many ships
leaving the river ness for sea.
Boyd served aboard the ship the
Bloated Waif for 11 years before one
day while on ships leave at the port of
Caid Boyd met a lone hospitaller
who introduced himself as Brother
Urbano Lorenzo  Gutierrez de
Garza,Grandmaster of the Hospitallers
of Caid.
Boyd watched the order for some time
until the day came he had made up his
mind and bent knee to the hospitallers
and to kingdom of Caid.