Fall Crown Tourney. A.S. XLI

Sir Malachi Halfdan Brightskull
Seven times did the bells chime
for our brave Sir Malachi
Seven times entered he the list for crown to be
Seven times did Aleksina stand the edge to see
Her brave and excellent knight strive to glean a victory!
First to fall at his feet; The Brave Ciar Ingen Daire
Second Round, Their consorts down; Lorcann hua Conhobair
The third bout saw Sir Jamal Marcus come his was, but our Heroes sword could not
be swayed!
Victory again came his way. The fourth to draw on this heady day, was none other
than the Earl Marshall of Kingdom fame
Sir Drogo of Drafn band his great Axe enforcing the law of the land.
Sir Malachi did strive and test, but fell to Sir Drogo's daunting best.
Fifth round another Drafn knight, the General of the Kingdom's might
Sir Patrick O'Malley came to test, the mettle on our hero's chest
Victory to Sir Malachi the herald did decree!
Now the sixth round came to be, and our erstwhile Malachi
did spy the knight Sir Einar Enwalt across the Eric in from he.
Once again his blade sang true, Sir Enwalt fell upon the strew.
Round seven, not so lucky for our man, as Sir Edward the Senester was now at hand
Swords rang shields, and dust it flew
as both contested what others knew,
that both these men coveted the crown anew.
But only one could stand, the other fall,
twas our gallant Knight's last hurrah.
Defeat he thought, is not the end, for I'll be back come Crown again.
Lord Daniel von Ravensfeuld
Sir Njal Grimmsson
I took to the field five times that day
Five times did my Lady watch and pray
Though fortune did thrice upon me shine
Thrice was too few to make Crown mine
Daibhidh was the first foe I did face
My first victory then did I embrace
Thorin did my second challenge take
Of a second victory I did partake
Third came Sir Drogo to test my arm
A third foe met who did me no harm
Duke Edric was the fourth foe dealt me
Fourth was the first time I had no victory
Sir Edward did the fifth challenge cast
No victory mine, fifth was my last
I took to the field five times that day
Five times did my Lady watch and pray
Though fortune did thrice upon me shine
Thrice was too few to make Crown mine.
Lady Rhiannon o Hafan Gath

The Honorable Lord Snorri Snafarri Bjornsson
Lord Snorri Snafarri Bjornsson on a bright September morn
For the Honour of Baroness Rainveig and the Crown of all Caid
Donned his Sword and shield and armour to fight Conan and Beorn
He was strong in his weapons and honour and the courage he would need.

With the boldness of youth he fought them, with the speed of youth and the strength
Of a heart filled with chivalrous valour, bright of eye, of mind and hand
Striking blows that would honour Valhalla for their swiftness and their length
Crashing loud as if thunder and lightning striking this fair land

There to meet in Valorous battle for the first round of the day
Was none other than Conan Mac Pherson, skilled in weaponry and all
And in combat most noble and righteous. When the dust had cleared away
Bold Lord Snorri had found he was bested; in the end we saw him fall.

Next to meet in battle heroic: Beorn of the Northren Sea
Like a giant this fighter approached him, like a mountain in the sun
Massive blows each took from the other, each responding valiantly
Till brave Snorri at last lay defeated when the battle was all done.

Yet the Saga of Snorri continues as the years of Caid do
He is noble and wondrous in fighting as he is in all he'll try
He can charm the world with his laughter, with a heart thats brave and true
And his tourneying days are not over, just this crown tourney gone by.
-Baroness Morgain FitzStephen