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Enchiridion Militis Christaiana
A guide for the Righteous Protector, by Erasmus, 1503

1st Rule- Increase your faith, even if the entire world appears mad.

2nd Rule- Act upon your faith, even if you must undergo the loss of

3rd Rule-Analyze your fears, you will find things are not as bad as
they appear.

4th Rule- Make Virtue the only goal of your life, dedicate all your
enthusiasm, all your effort, your leisure as will as working.

5th Rule- Turn away material things, if you are greatly concerned
with money you will be weak of spirit.

6th Rule- Train your mind to distinguish between good and evil, let
your rule of government determine the common good.

7th Rule-Never let any setback stop you in your quest, we are not
perfect, this only means we should try harder.

8th Rule- If you have frequent temptations, do not worry. Begin to
worry when you are not tempted, this is a sign that you can not tell
the difference between good and evil.

9th Rule- Always be prepared for an attack, careful generals set
guards even in times of peace.

10th Rule- Spit, as it were, in the face of danger
11th Rule- There are two dangers, one is giving up, the other is

12th Rule-Turn your weakness to Virtue. If you are inclined to be
selfish, make a deliberate effort to be giving.

13th Rule- Treat each battle as if it were your last, and in the end
you will stand Victor.

14th Rule-Don't assume that doing good allows you to keep a few
vices. The enemy you ignore the most is the one who conquers you.

15th Rule-Weigh your alternatives carefully, the wrong way will
often seem easier than the right.

16th Rule- Never admit defeat even if you appear to be wounded,
the good soldier's painful wounds spur him to greater strength.

17th Rule- Always have a plan of action, so when the time comes
for battle, you will know what to do.

18th Rule-Calm your passions by seeing how little there is to gain.

19th Rule-Speak to yourself this way, "If you doing what it is I am
considering, would I want my family to know about it"?

20th Rule- Virtue has its own reward, once a person has it they
would not exchange it for anything.

21st Rule- Life can be sad, difficult and quick-make it count for

22nd Rule- Repent your wrongs.