The Beginning.  Practices
and Preparations.
My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite
my composition concerning the King; my tongue
is the pen of a ready writer.

Psalms 45:1
The Hospitallers of St. John of
Caid were created to closely
recreate the original order in
as much detail as possible for
re-creation within the SCA.  
This would include not only
proper Livery (Uniforms) but
also that of service,
reverence, charity and duty.  

The Hospitallers of Caid did
not come into being over
night. Much work and
preparation was involved.  
From the building of shield,
sewing of Cappas to the
development of command and
control and tactics.

Some of our original
members, such as Gonzalo.
Karsten. Roisin, Einar and
Melissa needed to be trained
and authorized as SCA
fighters.  Some armor had to
be made in.  

It was through the dedication
and teamwork of every
member that we took to the
field on October 8th 2005 for
our first War as the
Hospitallers of Saint John of
Daniel working on the
first War Shields
<--War Shields in various
stages on contruction
Yon shows Milessia how
to tie a belt ----------------->
<--Karsten and Riosin at
fighter practice
<--Sir Halfdann
conteplating the tactics
Lord Thorfinn and the
Juice ----------------->
<--Karsten putting on her
Duke Christian du Glaive
sporting first blood of
the Hospitallers
<--Karsten, Roisin and
<--The guys show
Karsten how to do an
effective charge
Giest Von Krieg and Yon
Von Metzger