Avina Moncrieffe was born in 1271, the second of three
children of a Freeman holding a virgate (24-32 acres), and his
wife in a small village Northwest of Berwick-upon-Tweed. The
family was modestly prosperous, and Avina grew beautiful and
wise during these peaceful times.

In 1288 Avina met a mariner in Berwick-upon-Tweed when his
ship was in to load goods for the markets of Europe. Some
months later she sent word that she was heavy with child, and
he returned to meet their daughter and wed. Her husband
returned to the sea while she raised a daughter, bore him a
son, and aided her family in the management of their land.

The instability of 1292, followed by all out war in 1295
devastated the Moncrieffe family, as their land and fortunes
were crushed beneath the carnage of skirmish and battle. Her
father was reduced to a villein on the land he once owned and
her brother was lost to the war, she sent word to her husband
to return home.

Murchadh Monadh Craoibhe moved  Avina and their children
north in 1297, in an attempt to keep them safe from the
ravages of war. He fought for a time against the English, but
eventually had to flee the country with his family in 1301.

Avina and her family settled in the Barony of Calafia in the
Kingdom of Caid, sheltered in the protection of Clan Gryphon.
In 1304 Clan Gryphon fell to raiders, and the men of the house
took up the Cross as Hospitallers to defend their homes and
families. Avina and her children, as all Clan Gryphon families,
are under the protection of the Baron of Calafia.

In 1307, Avina took her first steps as a courtier, as a
lady-in-waiting to Her Majesty Faizeh al-Zarqa II.

From Yon
Lady Avina- Thank you so much for the Support you have
given your Husband Murchahd and in turn to the brotheren of
the Hospitaller's. The Hospitaller's are thankful for all that you
do.  Thank you again.

From Methius
A long Road you have traveled with us. Fiorst Clan Gryphon,
then allowing your husband to join his Brothers. Even now you
assist us, openeing your home for a Armour Shop, Cookies
and Red Bulls. Thank you
Avina Moncrieffe