Professed Brother
Lord Murchadh
Monadh Craoibhe
Born outside Edinburgh, in the year
of our Lord 1267, Murchadh
Monadh Craoibhe is the son of a
peasant’s daughter and her outlaw
lover. As the second child of a
union condemned by her family,
he was cast on the steps of the
church, and later taken in by an
engineer, a keeper and maintainer
of his lord’s siege engines and
master of sappers, in the employ of
the local lord and his barren wife.
Murchadh received an extensive, if
eclectic education while working in
and about Dunbar Castle. He
sparred with the squires, assisted
the carpenters; wheelwrights; and
other wood workers, and gained
similar experience with the
blacksmiths; marshals; mews
keepers; and the learned men
such as the bailiff.   

In 1288 Murchadh signed on with
large cog carrying goods to the
markets of the North Sea, Atlantic
and Mediterranean.  On that first
voyage, he met a young woman
while loading goods in Berwick-
upon-Tweed. She later bore him a
daughter, and they did marry. He
continued to go to sea, returning to
his family when he could and
fathered a son. After his first
voyage, he signed on with a ship of
the Knights Hospitallers as a sailor
and man-at-arms, sailing between
the Holy land and the ports of
Mediterranean Europe to quell the
Saracen pirates and raid their
commerce.  During this time he
studied sailing, seamanship,
navigation, and naval warfare. He
returned to Scotland in 1297.

Returning to a land in ashes
resulting from the ravages of
Edward I of England, he joined the
army of Sir William Wallace in the
war against England. Murchadh
and his family were forced to flee
their homeland in the Scottish
borderlands for the relative safety
of the kingdom of Caid in 1301,
and now reside in the barony of

Murchadh first sheltered his family
within Clan Gryphon, before joining
the men of the house in taking up
the Cross with the Hospitallers in
1204.  He first served the Crown on
the Guard of Her Majesty,
Chamayn of Castile I, and served
again the following year on the
Guard of her Majesty Chamayn of
Castile II, where he again
preformed his duty to the highest
degree. In 1206 Murchadh traveled
with the Hospitaller contingent to
Estrella where he received the
Cross Swords of Caid along with
the rest of his brethren. In 1207 he
joined the Guard of Her Majesty,
Faizeh al-Zarqa I, and later served
Ithuna Breithrazi I  and Faizeh al-
Zarqa II in like manner. He waits,
protecting the pilgrim roads of
Caid, for the summons once again
of war.

Murchadh Monadh Craoibhe is
currently Castilian to the
Hospitallers, maintaining stores
and materials in garrison and
scouting and organizing camp
when on campaign. He is Squire to
Sir Halfdan Haraldsson, a Knight of
the First Order.

During the Reign of Edward and
Mora Murchadh serves the Order of
Castellian and the Kigdom as
Queen's Guard.
Lord Murchadh at the Leif
Eriksson Yournament in 05
Lord Murchadh  as acting
Lord Murchadh  and his