More Legend than History, the "Old Man" is believed by some
as merely Myth, an old wives tale used to scare children into
obedience. However, devout members of the Order often
profess the truth of the existence of such a shadowy figure,
although only in hushed tones.

The "Old Man" is thought to be an ancient member of the
Hospitaller Order who, long ago, took a vow of solitude. He is
believed to live in a cave, guarding some long forgotten pass to
holy places.  Even in his advanced age, his prowess is thought
to be immense. He is said to appear out of the darkness on
occasion to right wrongs, and put overbearing noblemen in
their place, reminding them of their humility before their divine
The Old Man
Photos are said to exist of this lost Brother,
however, many have been debunked as fakes.
This Photos authenticity is still being
investigated.  The report (from fairly unreliable
witnesses) states that the "Old Man" appeared
out of thin air at a State Dinner, and Humbled
the Crown Prince and Princess with his
"Prowess".  The apparition disappeared before
authorities could arrive
It is said that when the old man
draws his sword, it glows with
green fire.  However, many tales
are filled with fanciful suggestions.

Sightings of The Old Man are
rare, but it is said that he
appeared to many people in the
camp of Corvus, and at the
Calafia Baronial Anniversary.
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