Professed Brother The Honorable
Lord Methius le Vaux
I was born the lands of Eu in what is known as Ponthieu,
across the cold watered English channel from the town of
Pevensey on the 15th of March, 1174. It was my father,
Franklin Vaux, a trapper and hunter by nature and trade
that taught me the ways of the wood; to track the wounded
and to bring low the prey. This talent, learned in my youth
has become a welcoming ability in my adventures.

It was my father that took my cousins Jameson, Thomas,
John and I to the court of Phillip Augustus II in Rheims to
witness his coronation in the year 1181. I was only a child
during that dark time, but I can remember the amazing
sparkle of the court of Kings, the gold and glimmer was not
something I was accustom too. I thought with the ignorance
of youth that this must be what heaven is like.

From Rheims my father took his family on a pilgrimage to
the Holy City of Rome, where we were hired as guards to
Minor Nobles on the way back through France and into the
English Isles. There at the age of ten I witnesses the finishing
and the rebuilding of the Canterbury Cathedral by the
Hands of William of Sens. This was a spectacle of
endearment in my heart. I had been to the Tomb of Peter
and witnessed its splendor, and then I had seen the
tumbling of a ruined church be brought back to life in its
own resurrection. I had seen many facets of the faith and
grew stronger for it.

In 1187 Saladin destroyed the Christian Army at the Battle
of Hattin. Word Reached the Normans and my father once
again headed on a pilgrimage. This time taking his family to
fight the Sons of Islam.

In 1192 at the Age of Eighteen, I was captured by forces of
Saladin outside of Acre. I was tortured for not taking Islam
as my new religion. My ankles were broken to where I now
hobble in my step and my left arm mangled beyond repair.
My cousin Thomas, with the help of a few Knights of
Barbarossa, managed to free me along with some other
prisoners. In this escape and rescue I met my dear friend
Yon Von Metzger and became close adventuring
companions with the German from the Black Forest.

The Vaux Family headed back to Europe, I however stayed
in Outremer to keep the roads of Damascus safe for
Christians. My ordeal as a prisoner bestowed much hatred
within my heart and I did not want to travel back home with
it. I also needed time to mend the horrible wounds afflicted
upon me.

Protecting Missionaries moving back to the lands of Caid, I
fell in love with the fair maiden Juliana. Whom I wed in 1202
and had a Child named after my mother, Ellen. Juliana has
proven herself time and time again as a women of
temperance and guidance. She is my rock and I am
thankful to God for bringing her into my life in these
troubled times. Ellen is inspiration giving form. It is her that
drives me to become a better man, to leave her more than I

I also met Lord Pedar Jensen and became his man at arms.
I joined the Warband of Dun Tyr and fought within its
Gryphon Lance. Duty called me to follow Lord Pedar as he
left the Warband of the Black and Silver. Together we had
many adventures, it was during this time, with the help of
many friends and allies, that we created our own House
Hold called Clan Gryphon, named after the Lance we each
fought in as well as the heraldic Gryphon that blazoned
Pedar's arms. Lord Pedar released me of my vow as men-at-
arms and traveled onto his pilgrimage north to the
Principality of the Summits within the Kingdom of An Tir.  I
stayed in the lands of Caid with my love, becoming great
friends with Sir Halfdan Haraldsson.  To my surprise the
knight offered to train me as his Riddarasvein. This I humbly
accepted and await the day to prove my worth.

In the Year 1203 I was given the honor of acting as Primus
enter Pares of Clan Gryphon, I lead the warriors of the Clan
with Pride in the prowess and enthusiasm they shown upon
the field. I also acted as Scribe to the House, detailing the
past upon scrolls for our children to witness.

I served two terms on the Baronial Guard in the court of
David and Adelicia Baron and Baroness of Calafia in the
years 1204 and 1205.

Also in the same year I took the vow of a Fighting Brother of
the Hospitallers of St. John of Caid, In October I traveled into
Northern Caid to the Great Western War. There I fought
alongside my Brother warriors of the army against the forces
of King Uther of Antir, King Jade of the West, King Edward of
Atenvelt and the Mercenary force. Defending King Dietrich
of Caid as Gonfanier of the Hospitallers has been one of my
greatest honors. It was there, at this great battle that coin of
the Realm of Cynagua was placed in my hand as a token of
respect form the Prince of that land for our Order. The
Prince had learned that many of the fighting brethren were
new to the warfield and this being their first time. His
highness was inspired by our tenacity and was compelled
as he said to place those coins, our first relics, in our care.

Together with many of my brothers and sisters of the Order
we made stand within the Queens Guard of Basillias
Chamayn of Castille, where his Majesty Dirk entrusted us
with the Queen’s protection. I was awarded the Crescent
Sword of Caid during the Queen's Champion Tournament,
an honor I do to think I am worthy of receiving, yet grateful
for nonetheless. May God look down with favor on her

The drums of war are once again called the Hospitallers into
action., our king called us once again to prepare for battle.
As Gonfanier, I prepared the Hospitallers for the days
ahead. In February 1206 we marched to the Sun Kingdom
of Adenveldt and where we delivered a mighty blow to its
armies on the dusty, wind swept fields of Estella. It was there
that I made new friends such as Viscountess Lorissa du
Griffon, Mistress Flauvia, and Master John. I was acquainted
with old friends as well such as Owen of the Hand, Bjorn
and Mina. The Hospitallers fought with the Grace of God, like
warriors born of conviction. We were awarded the Cross
Swords of Caid, Yon Von and myself were made Lieutenants
of her Majesties guard. Fellow Hospitallers Gonzalo Otsoa,
Lord Daniel von Ravensfueld and Grand Master Christian
were given Corrde du Guerres for their service upon the war
field. We returned home victorious from the war and await
the summons of the King.

A brief respite and yet another summons appeared. Yon
Von Metzger and myself were granted passage across the
sea to travel with their Majesties to the Barony of the
Western Seas, never have my eyes fell upon a place closer
to the description of Paradise. I resisted, much like Odysseus
before me, the Sirens temptation to stay. I did however meet
many new friends and was inducted into the Red Foot Clan.

May of the same year found us at Potrero Pass defending
the Southren Borders of Calafia from an Atenveldt invasion.
As Baronial Marshall I tried to keep peace among the many
factions that fought. During a feast members of Griffin
Freehold and my fellow Hospitallers purchased a Great
Helm for me, an act that still humbles me to this day.

In the Year that Edric and Faizeh set the thrones of Caid, I
was summoned by His Grace Duke Christian du Glaive to be
made as active Grand Master of the Hospitallers in his
absence and until the election of the new Grand Master. I
do not have the connections His Grace does, nor am I of
heroic stock as the Lion of the West. I concentrated on the
inner circle of the Hospitallers, building our faith and
brotherhood. I also joined the queen's guard with my Squire
Brother Murchadh, although my participation is little I still
remain loyal to the crown of Caid.

Once again we pressed into war with Adenveldt.. I took the
Hospitallers into the burning sands  with their Majesties and
fought as best we could.  Acting as the Grand Master is by
far the greatest accomplishment of my Fighting not
soon to be forgotten. I was asked on the second day of
fighting, when my ankle was ruined in the stand
beside Edric and Direct the armies of Caid into the Castle
and take it from the advirasy. It was a High Honor and I am
proud to have done it. The Hospitallers were once again
awarded the Cross Swords of Caid, covered in mud we
marched into court to receive the honor.

In 1206 I was released as Grand Master and became the
Chaplain of the Brothers of St. John. My position is that of
Moral and the keeping of the Sacred Codex. I was whittness
to Edric and Faizah doing honor to the Hospitallers with our
camp as they Whitnessed the Change of the New Grand
Master Lord Yon Von Metzger, the Squiring or Erasmus and
Lord Cormac to Sir Njal, and the Ceremonies of Brotherhood
for Cormac, Kistivol, Urbano and Rorik.

The reign of Drogo and Ilthuna found me once again on the
Queen's Guard. A queen I have most respect for and hope
to bring honor to her name. Tested by the Chivalry her
guard defeated the Knight's of Caid on the Open Battlefield
and to my relief they found us most worthy to be her guards.

During the reign of Erdic V and Faizeh II I served as Guard
for her Majesty and Issued a thousand death tournament in
which I succeeded before the Queen stepped from her
throne. Each Death cost the participates one dollar which
went to a Charity of the Queens Choosing. I also stepped
down as Chaplain of the Order. During the Estrella war I
was given the Honor of Commanding the Iron Brigade of
Calafia, the greatest fighting force in the Known World. I was
also asked to be a Champion in a battle of Champions from
the known world. With other non belts of Caid I entered the
fight and we came out victorious. The Hospitallers once
again received the Cross Swords of Caid for their service
upon the field as well as service to the Kingdom.

During the Reign of Edward and Mora I once again take on
the mantle of Queen's Guard and Lieutenant, as well as
Chaplain of the Hospitallers under the Grand Master
Urbano Garza.

At Great Western War I was given the Honor of commanding
the Iron Brigade upon the field, and the task of fighting for
her Majesty in the Lady of the Rose Tournament.

When Sir Patrick won the crown, he asked me to be acting
Brigade Commander until he departed the throne or the
Commander elections took place. Once the elections time
came around I was given full command of the Brigade.
Which I held in high regard. In truth I was torn, although I
command the southern forces of Caid, I did miss standing in
the midst of my brothers. I did however wear the Cappa of
the Brethern while I was on the field, never forgetting where
I came from.

Great honor was bestowed upon me once again when I was
asked to the Captain of her Majesty Thaleia's guard. I took
the oath of Captain for Kingdom and for Thaleia because
she was new to the realm and I wished to make sure that
she had good council. When King Wilhelm and Thaleia
stepped down from their thrones they honored me with a
court Barony which still humbles me.

May the Hospitallers went to war protecting the south pass
of Potrero once again. My squire Brother Murchadh
replaced Urbano as our Grand Master and I replaced Sir
Njal as Gonfannier. We took the field with six new
Hospitallers, an occurance that has not happened since our
first war at Great Western. Brotherhood and friendships
were forged and good company brought new life to our
dwindling ranks.