Marites Aquino d' Caballero
"Did you have fun killing?"- Thes
Marites ( THESS ) is the Wife of
Duke Christian du Glaive.  She
is relatively new to the SCA
(and America) and has not as
of yet developed a persona.  
THESS grew up in the
Philippines and has also lived
in Hong Kong.  She is as
tireless as much as she is
sweet. Her ideas of service can
be an example for all of us,
having been raised with the
rich Filipino culture of family
and community.  Her quiet
service to the Brotheren of the
Order has included nursing our
wounds and bruises to sewing
our clothes to cooking Lumpia
for us in camp after a long
hard day on the battlefield.  I
get to say all these nice things
about her because I am her
husband.  Every Knight will tell
you that thier Lady is his
inspiration.  Thess is not only
my inspiration, she has given
me the eyes to see the worlds
true beauty, the Ears to hear
voice of compassion, and the
tongue to give flavor to words
like "Honor", "Commitment",
and "Love".

From Methius- Thess is
devotion given form. She truly
loves Duke Christian and
supports his in everything he
does as a knight of the realm.
She is truly a helping hand and
a motivation to me. Others
could find an example in her
actions and I would like to
thank her for all she does
behind the scenes. God bless
you Thess.
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